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Korean Alphabets

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Learning Korean Alphabets will help you learn the Korean Language easier. Below are the corresponding CONSONANTS and VOWELS.



Korean Alphabets are used to create the Korean characters. Here are some of the rules.

–  Each character is considered one syllable of a word.

–  Each character is always at least a combination of CONSONANT + VOWEL(s). All Korean Character start with a vowel even if it has a VOWEL starting sound.


Here are some examples in creating Korean Characters.

1. Banana

Syllables: 3 (Ba – na – na )

Korean Characters: 3 (바 – 나 – 나)

Korean Word: 바나나

2. Americano

Syllables: 5 (A – me – ri – ca – no)

Korean Characters: 5 (아 – 메 – 리 – 카 – 노)

Korean Word: 아메리카노

3. Computer

Syllables: 3 (Com – pu – ter)

Korean Characters: 3 (컴 – 퓨 – 터)

Korean Word: 컴퓨터

Note: Most Korean words has no letter R even though there is a consonant that can be used for it: ?

4. Bus

Syllables: 2 (Bu – seu)

Korean Characters: 2 (버 – 스)

Korean Word: 버스

Note: Words ending in letter s, t, k are considered to have additional syllable. Some t and k ending words are exceptions. In the English language the word bus in only one syllable but converting it into a korean word, it has now two.


That is all for now. Until then.


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