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A Filipina fulfilling her dreams in South Korea: As a chef, a baker, and a wonderful mom

Date Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2014



Fulfilling ones dreams may come true as long as you have the will to do it even when you had to go a different direction at first.

One successful Filipina in South Korea whose dream was to become a chef had a diffent path. Jennelyn Tejada just finished high school due to financial difficulties. she needed to find work. In year 2000 she was able to come to South Korea to work at a factory. She was then a 23 year-old lady but with full of will and determination to work abroad, far away from her family.

While here in South Korea, a young and kind Korean man with dashing eyes she can’t resist caught her straight in her heart. After four years of dating, she gladly said yes when he proposed and got married in 2004. They were able to have 4 children, all boys.

However, she had to stop working in the factory because she has to take care of her children. Initially the salary of here husband was enough but as the kids were growing up, daily expenses were also getting higher. Going back to work in the factory was not an option because doing so will leave her kids with nobody. One option was to open a store and in 2011 she decided it was time for her to do her share to help her husband financially.

After 1 year from opening her store she felt she needed another source of income since groceries were not selling much. It gave her the opportunity to also do something she loves – cooking and baking, and selling them afterwards. It started with showing what I cooked online using Facebook (Jen-Food Mart).

At first it was only a few but those who tried shared to their friends telling her how “masarap na masarap” to food she made. So after several months and nowadays she is sending her “ulam”, “kakanin” and “cakes” to about 40 to 50 persons per day. She said almost all of her customers are already “my suki”. Some even order twice a week.

This December her mom and sister will be coming over to help her with her growing family business and she hopes that every Filipino in South Korea can try her “Lutong Pinoy”. They will surely enjoy for sure, she said. She still plans to open a bakery and “eat-all-you-can” Filipino restaurant in the future.

For Orders, you can simply find Jen-Food Mart at Facebook.


Store: World Korean Mart
Owner: Jennelyn Tejada

010-8852-4843 ♥ Jen Food Mart



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