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A Filipina Jeweler in South Korea with a Golden Heart

Date Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014



A famous saying is that gold is everywhere and gold can also be found within you. Gold is also a good luck charm. Gold is also a magnet to success. Our feature person for this week is one young lady named Lyn Shin whose business is selling bags, accessories and of course jewelries particularly gold. Aside from selling gold, she has a golden heart helping others in need.

Our Q&A with her:

Q: What was your dream when you were still young?

Lyn: Ever since I was growing up I wanted to have a complete family which I didn’t have. I came from a broken family. On the other hand I always imagined working and living in another country because I knew then that it is the only way for me to help my father and our family lift our status in life. However I am am now sad because my father passed away not having fully enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

Q: How did you make your way to South Korea? Did you choose South Korea as your destination?

Lyn: I was working then at a company in the Philippines and a friend of mine introduced me to who is now my husband. Since I wanted a complete family and he promised me that he would so I couldn’t resist. He is a Korean national so I couldn’t really choose which country I would go. I have to follow my husband. We married in the year 2008 and blessed with a son whom I think is a good combination of Korean and Filipino blood – very cute and handsome as they say. Now, I have a real family here in South Korea and I am very very happy.

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Q: What experiences did you encounter in South Korea that you would like to share – good and bad?

Lyn: In the family side, every since I came here I never encountered any major problem. My in-laws are very nice since I step foot in this land of the morning calm. I could be lucky that my in-laws are nice to me because as what I have heard from others married to Koreans their in-laws can be their worst nightmare and it usually ends in separation and divorce.

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Q: When did you start doing business and why?

Lyn: I never had so much time in my life than in South Korea. So I tried to do some stuff that would make me busy. Shopping was one of my favorite thing to do. It started from there. Instead of buying for myself I started buying and selling bags and dresses to others. Since my brother-in-law is an owner for a jewelry store, I included it in my business. My business started 3 years ago.

Lyn Online Shop

Q: What is your routine in a week?

Lyn: My shop is online so I usually check orders online anytime of the day and night. It is sometimes stressful since customers are customers, I have to see to it that they are taken cared of specially when there are problems with the design. But on Fridays I have to go out and teach English in a certain Academy. Teaching English lets me go out from the business aspect of my life.

Q: What other things that you do aside from managing your business and teaching?

Lyn: I am part of an organization that helps migrants who are in need. It is called KASAPIKO -KAbalikat SAgip SA KOrea. It is one vital part of my life because it made me feel complete specially when we are able to help someone who is in his or her most difficult situation in life. We already helped plenty and I hope we will be able to help more who comes our way.

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Q: What is your message to all your “kababayans” in South Korea?

Lyn: I hope we as Filipinos will always do our best in whatever challenges we have in our lives. And as always be humble. If there is a problem, solve it with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ for He is the one who can only help us. And whatever happens, there is always a reason. Find the reason and you will be set free. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

Q: One last, “para bumili ng ginto ang mga kababayan natin” why would they buy jewelries specially gold from you?

Lin: First Gold is now getting cheaper. It is the best time to buy gold jewelries and one good material for INVESTMENT. Why would they buy jewelry from me? Well, I am doing a legal business and all jewelries that I sell are genuine and with proper documentation. So they don’t have to worry.

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Our conversation with Lin was quite long but exciting. We think she is one that you can TRUST in having the best gold jewelries you can have.

To reach Lin Shin you can contact her at

010-6677-8738 ♥ Lin Shin Online Shop



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