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The most wonderful Christmas gift received: A love story matched from heaven the 2nd time around

Date Posted: Monday, December 15, 2014


Minda Family

A true love story that you can only dream of as well as a struggle and will to get a better life. A filipina who wanted to come to South Korea just to see  the snow. She was introduced to a Korean man whom she thought was a friend of her friend but was from a match making agency. She wanted to refused but she still couldn’t resist of seeing the snow so she agreed to marry him. She said love will grow as time goes.

Here is our Q&A with her.

Q. Why and when did you come to South Korea?

Minda: I first came here way back January of 2006. I married a Korean without really thinking of marrying him. I just wanted to see the snow which I saw from a Korean drama “My Girl”. A friend of mine introduced me to a Korean man. I didn’t know he signed up from an agency. But I really wanted to see the snow and how beautiful South Korea is. So I decided to go.

Q. How did you find South Korea when you came?

Minda: South Korea is really beautiful even up to now. But my life then was not what I dreamed to be. I wanted to go home right away. Life was hard specially I was with my in-laws. They treated me inhumanely. To make the story short, even though I struggled living with them, I found a way to study the Korean Language alone for 3 months. After I learned a little, I searched for a center so that I can learn more. I found one but I have to walk going there because didn’t support what I was doing. I need to study the Korean Language in order for me to live in South Korea.

One instance when my father died, they didn’t allow me to go back home to the Philippines. They said, I cannot make him wake up. So I just cried alone and tried to find a way to grieve.

Minda Family

Q: How did you survive and leave your ex-husband?

Minda: After my child is already one year old and I had enough connections and I know enough Korean Language, I decided to move out from my in-laws. But my husband didn’t want to move out. He is mama’s boy and gives his salary to his mother. I was the only one working for our family. I was teaching in a public school and an academy. So I moved out alone with my child. Even though I was already living in my own with my son, I always see to it that my son can see his father at least once every weekend. I didn’t want to divorce my husband but I know I also have to move on. Eventually we divorced. I worked at Mokpo Foreigners call center, Dream Start Center, YMCA, Court Office, Police Station and Haebop English academy in my stint in Mokpo until I got married again. I now live in Seoul but I always see to it that my son can still see his father. I let him see his father at least twice a month.

Q: You are married anew, How did it happen?

Minda: I had no intention of marrying again but real love finds a way. I had this online friend way back 2011, an american. He lives in Seoul and I still live in Mokpo even though I was separated from my husband. We tried to invite me many time but I had no time. I only said if we meet in God’s will. Finally we met unintentionally at the Incheon International Airport when I was waiting for my mother and brother at the airport. I really didn’t know he was there but he was online. And the second time we met is also at the Airport when he arrived and I was sending off my mother. I thought it was all God’s will. I started to miss him. He started to miss me too. And he proposed and we got married in December of 2013.

Minda Family

Q: I see you are a strong person. You can do whatever you want. What are your plans in the future?

Minda: You have to be strong specially if you are the only one trying to raise a family. Even though I have a husband now who also works, I still have to be strong and do something for the future. Here in Korea we can do so many to improve our lives. All opportunities are here. Now I have two businesses called Cake Pops with my brother in the Philippines and Child Care Services. I wanted these to grow.

Minda Family

Q: Thanks. Any message for everyone?

Minda: I just wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. To all my family and friends, thank you for your support and to my loving husband, thank you. You are my best Christmas gift that me and my son received.
Minda Family

It was nice talking to Minda. A very strong woman with a goal in life. This can be a great inspiration to all those who are struggling in life. You can do whatever you want if you have the will.

You can contact her anytime at:


1. Minda’s Baby Sitting House

2. Berry & Santy Cake Pops

 010-2231-4692 Minda



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