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EPS Worker denied re-entry: One day late

Date Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015




Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong City, South Korea – A Filipino EPS worker who finished his 3-year contract and decided to go back to the Philippines for a vacation was denied entry at the Incheon International Airport when he came back last February 28, 2015. The reason, his VISA expired a day ago.

The Filipino Worker,  Jerole,  not his real name for privacy reasons, went to the Philippines to have a month long vacation after his 3-year contract expired. He was given a release paper from his employer and ask the Job Center permission for him to visit his family back in the Philippines. The Job Center gave him 1 month. He still has 1 year and 10 months to continue working in South Korea.

On the very same day he got the permission, he bought a round-trip ticket and headed for a good month long vacation. His return flight was  February 28, 2015 not knowing this his VISA was going to expire on February 27, 2015. It was just a day late. According to Fr. Sandy Banzuela, CFIC of Baran Emmaus  and Sisters Kevin and Adelina  of Hwaseong, Caritas Migrant Center, if he just arrived on the 27th, he can enter South Korea and just pay a fine of 100,000 won.

However, he came late for 1 day. Even if he was late for 1 minute, he can no longer enter South Korea. According to Father Sandy and Sister Kevin, the Immigration Officer says “Law is Law.”

One year and 10 months of work will still net around 25 Million won without overtime work. That is around 1 Million Pesos which is a very difficult way to find in the Philippines.  If a worker works in a very good company with plenty of OTs, you may get twice of that salary. So it would be 50 Million won or 2 Million Pesos. Real money lost. “Sa tagalog, pera na naging bato pa.”

Well, the good news for Jerole is he doesn’t need to wait for long. The immigration told him to re-apply as an EPS worker  right away since he really has no problem with South Korea because he didn’t overstayed. He was just a day late.

Father Sandy Banzuela, CFIC and Sisters Kevin and Adelina, and Kapitan Jane of the Inter-marriage Barangay St. Jude of Baran Emmaus Community were the ones helping Jerole in his immigration problem and also with getting his TGCOM, Samsung, and NPS money.  They pleaded for the Immigration to let Jerole re-enter South Korea because it was only a day late but it was not allowed by the Immigration.

For all EPS Workers, make sure to check the expiration date of your VISA and extend it if necessary before going somewhere or else you may suffer the same fate.



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