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Dreaming of a better life through Networking in Aim Global

Date Posted: Sunday, March 29, 2015



Suwon City,  South Korea –   Many Filipinos came to South Korea to seek a better future and a better life. Marrying a South Korean can really change your life. From nothing to having or from being poor to rich. Rich in terms of being able to have the basic needs in life without the worry where to find the next meal to eat, a room to rest and sleep. Work in the factories are abundant in South Korea. Even if the work is in a factory, a worker can still earn around 1.3 Million Won (50,000 pesos) and even up to 2.6 Million Won (100,000 pesos).  Some are luck to work in an office or teach English. If they are able to work where most of them want to work, they can send some needed cash back home to their families (parents, siblings and relatives) in the Philippines.

Evelyn Palapuz is married to a South Korean, with plenty of opportunities to grow as she is still young, working as an English Teacher, and can already converse well using the Korean Language. But with these opportunities she still managed to do a part-time job doing the Aim Global Business.

Here is our Q&A with her.

Q.Why did you join Aim Global even though you are already stable citizen and plenty of opportunities to grow in South Korea?

Evalyn: There are two main reasons why I joined aim global business First, I want to gain financial freedom. I was born poor. lived poor but doesn’t want to die poor. I know hindi ko madadala sa libing ko ang kayamanan. Pero maiiwan ko namn ito sa mga mahal ko sa buhay. Kung namana ko na sa angkan namin ang kahirapan, sakit sa atay at diabetes well wala na ako magagawa duon! Pero may magagawa ako ngayon! Through aimglobal business, kayaman na at hindi kahirapan ang ipapamana ko sa sa mga susunod na generation ko.
Secondly, is to have total time freedom. Life is so short. Bakit ko ubusin ang oras ko working for money if I can make money to works for me?
Kung kaya mong kitain in 1year ang kikitain mo nang 10years do the short cut so you can enjoy 9years with your love ones. Kapag naging successful ka doing Aimglobal Business, you can spend time doing the things you always wanted to do like travelling, doing your hobbies etc. Sa aimglobal soon.. “You will have your money to enjoy your time and time to enjoy your money.”

Q. How did you learn about Aim Global?
Evalyn: I’ve learned about Aimglobal from aimglobal members (uplines), Internet (youtube) and went last month to philippines just to attend Opportunity Plan Presentaion (OPP) to learn more and deepen my knowledge about Aim Global Business.



Q. How long did you study the system before joining?
Ans: I didn’t study the system BEFORE joining. Sabi nga nila basta may opportunity na dumating, subok lang ng subok! malay mo mag succeed! It took me 3-5 months to learn and understand their system AFTER joining. At mas mapag aaralan mo palang mabuti ang isang bagay pag nasa loob kana or part ka na nang business.

Q.How can Aim Global help you in your quest of having financial freedom? How long does it take?
Evalyn: Aim Global Business can help me in my quest of having financial freedom by the power of TIME LEVERAGE. I can generate income from the effort of others in my team because this business is a PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. By helping my team members achieve their financial goals, I can gain leverage and earn a substantial income for the help I have given to them.

Q. I see you are so determined, who inspired you to do so and reach that dream?
Evalyn: My family and love ones in Philippines really inspired me to have this BIG DREAM of becoming a RICH SUCCESSFUL NETWORKER someday.


Q. Any message or parting words.
Evalyn: Well, Isa lang ang masasabi ko..Ang pera nahahanapan. Pero ang Oras pag lumipas na hindi mo na maibabalik kainlanman. Madami nang dumaan sa palad mo na 7,980 pesos na wala namang nangyari. Baka this time kung mag join ka sa Aim Global TEAM ONE-FIVE INT’L SOUTH KOREA e may mangyari na. Dahil ang 7,980 mo ay may potential income na 24,000/day dito! Save your effort and time! This is the only business I know na napakaliit ng capital pero milyon milyon ang kitaan.

We have dreams in life that we have to achieve. Achieving those dreams may take time, effort and some ups and downs and  money. A strong determination and focus are the necessary ingredients. With Evalyn’s strong determination and focus, she would be able to reach her aspirations in the near future.

And to all those who have their lifelong dreams, you can do to as long as you continue having the step forward no matter how hard it takes. Here in South Korea, you are already having a great opportunity to grow and prepare your future. Joining an MLM business  may bring additional income and according to Evalyn, it may also bring you Financial Freedom in the future. You may contact Evalyn at 010.4702.5145 if you have some questions or clarifications with her answers.





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