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Filipino Chef in South Korea : A self-made man

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Belgium Villanueva

Seoul, South Korea – Our latest inspiration is a man who came to South Korea with nothing but hope and lots of prayers.  In 2007, Belgium Villanueva first came in South Korea. He had difficulties in looking for a job.  He tried every opportunity he’d been given, from a dishwasher, butcher, cleaner, to a kitchen helper. With his patience and continued studies he became a chef in one of the embassies in Seoul.

Aside from being a chef, he is constantly seeking opportunities to make sure he has something to use during the rainy days.  One of the opportunities he recently joined is a Direct Marketing/Selling Company called Jinga Juice.

He joined Jinga Juice as soon as he realized the health benefits he can get. As a chef, he knows that being healthy a necessary to have a wonderful happy life. Aside from the health benefits, you can also earn if you desire to share this opportunity to others.

Belgium Villanueva is one of the pioneers of Jinga Juice in South Korea. For more information about him and know more about Jinga Juice, you can call him at 010.9014.1464 or  find him at Facebook :Pinoychef Villanueva




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