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How to find or buy two egg yolks in one egg in South Korea?

Date Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2015


Seoul, South Korea – Technology has come a long way specially here in South  Korea where it is considered the most wired country and has the fastest internet speeds and always doing its best to be ahead about every technology as possible.

While Filipinos know about this, there are other aspects that might make you be more interested aside from those gadgets. Filipinos love to eat sweets specially  the Creme Caramel or famously known  as “Leche Flan” where you need plenty of egg yolks if you are the once making this treat.

Now you can save as much eggs as you want if you know how.  A friend of mine told me as she was always making these delicacies and discovered that you can get those types of eggs if you will buy the XL size eggs. It costs 1,300 won more per tray. (A tray of a regular egg is around 5,200 won and the XL is around 6,500 won.)

I would love to try soon.  Below is another picture you might love to do with your egg – Double Sunny Side Up!

I’m not sure if this is the result of technology but it could be. Here is the Video

Try finding your own two egg yolks in one egg and share it here.


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