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Ang laki ng kinita ko dati nauubos, ngayon maliit dumadami – Isang TNT

Date Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016


IMG Rich Club

Seoul, South Korea – Filipinos Working in South Korea face overwhelming challenges in managing their finances from Zero to Minimum income of 10,000 pesos in the Philippines to 50,000 Philippine Pesos minimum salary of factory workers here in South Korea. Many of them even can earn as much as 80,000  to 100,000 Philippine pesos a month.

However, there are still a lot who are broke and many who finished their contracts continue to work without a valid visa because they have no choice.

On July 2 & 3, 2016, Financial Management Seminars were conducted at Baran Emmaus and at the Philippine Embassy-Seoul by Eng’r. Lyndon Malanog and his wife Mrs. Chona Malanog respectively.

Here are some questions we asked from them that they gladly answered.

Q: Why are you conducting these seminars in South Korea?
Eng’r. & Mrs. Malanog: It is part of our mission to educate 1 Million families to become financially educated in 2020.  We are from the Wealth Educators Club and we are also members of the International Marketing Group (IMG) where Bro. Bo Sanchez  is our mentor since 2008.

Q: Who invited you to come and do these seminars and how much do they pay you?
Eng’r. & Mrs. Malanog: We have friends over here who are members of IMG. As senior partners of IMG, we are happy to help our new partners learn how to build their wealth.  We are also teaching them how to teach and conduct their own seminars. We don’t receive any payment for conducting these seminars here in South Korea.

Q: Does it mean we can invite you again and again for FREE?
Eng’r. & Mrs. Malanog: Well yes, you can. We can arrange our schedule and we can fly back here whenever we can.

There were a lot of questions asked,  we will try publish it in the future articles.

We asked  some of those who have joined IMG who we met during the seminars. One notable member is a TNT for many years and have joined IMG for just 2 short years.

Q: When and why did you join IMG?
TNT: I joined IMG just 2 years ago. I joined because I was able to attend that seminar conducted by Eng’r. Lyndon Manalog. I joined because I was convinced I can gain financial freedom.

Q: Did the seminar convinced you to join IMG?
TNT: The seminar was actually not about IMG. It was about how to discipline yourself, how to manage your finances and how to balance your life. IMG was only a vehicle for me to start doing the right things and being with people who wants to build wealth.

Q: In 2 years time, how is your finances?
TNT: Well so far it’s on the right track. I have been working here for almost 8 years. Before ang laki ng kinita ko dati nauubos, ngayon maliit dumadami.  In 3 years time na TNT ako, konti na lang sahod ko, pero nakapagipon na simula noong naging member ako ng IMG. Next year pwede na akong umuwi!

For more information visit: IMG Rich Club


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