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G1 Visa Application is FREE

Date Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017



South Korea – Filipinos in South Korea who are undocumented (illegal aliens) and those who have expiring contracts have a chance to continue staying in South Korea by acquiring a G1 Visa.

What is a G1 Visa?

The G-1 visa is subdivided into various categories.

For example: medical treatment due to industrial accidents and the family member (G-1-1), undergoing medical treatments as a result of diseases or accidents, or you are a guardian of such a person. (G-1-2), involved in a lawsuit (G-1-3), refugee status (G-1-5), fallen victim to prostitution, etc. (G-1-11), Treatment and Recuperation visa/ patient (G-1-10)

The Refugee Status (G-1-5 ) visa is a long term visa that many foreigners can avail including Filipinos as long as you have a valid reason.

How much is the cost to apply for a G1 Visa?

It is FREE! Simply fill out the G1 Visa Application form and bring it to the immigration nearest you. (Don’t worry the immigration will not catch you.)

Beware: There are some people who acts as agents and are asking for 3 Million won in every application and and even asking  3 Million won yearly renewal. 


However there is a PENALTY FEE to be paid if you are already an illegal alien. You will pay the PENALTY FEE at the immigration office after the application is received and verified. Official receipt will be given after payment. Here is the breakdown:

In Korean Won

1 month – 100,000
1-2 months – 200,000
2-3 months – 300,000
3-6 months – 500,000
6 months ~ 1 year  – 1,000,000
1 ~ 1.5 year – 2,000,000
1.5~ 2 years – 3,000,000
above 2 years – 4,000,000





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