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G1 Visa Process by a G1 Visa Applicant

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Kevs, a G1 Visa Applicant who shared his own story as an undocumented worker and why he finally applied for a G1 Visa.

We were able to talk to him and was lucky he gave his own account. Some questions he declined to answer and some questions he gladly answered.

Here are some of the questions:

Question: Why did you apply for a G1 Visa?

Kevs: I’ve been here for quite some time and I see some of my fellow “artists” getting caught by immigration authorities and now even the police are now doing the same.

Question: How did you apply for a G1 Visa? How much does it cost you?

Kevs: I came in contact with fellow “artists” who said they are applying for a G1 Visa.  The told me about the costs and it was way too expensive. I’ve been here for more than two (2) years so I have to pay a penalty of 4,000,000 korean won. Then there is the assistance fee of 3 Million korean won per year. I decided to do my own research and check if I could just do it alone. I checked on the immigration’s website and found out that I can do it on my own. The forms are also there and I was able to print it from a PC Room.

Question: How long was the process?

Kevs: It took me around a month. When I submitted my application form, they asked me for additional documents like a health certificate, I got it from the Government Health Center ( I only brought my passport). I waited for a week to get that health certificate.  They also asked me where I live so I had to provide a contract that I rented a room as my home. After I submitted all my documents, they asked me to come back after 2 weeks because they have to validate those information. After 2 weeks, I came back and that’s the time the immigration officer asked me to pay the penalty of 4,000,000 Korean won. After paying my penalty they game me a document that I am in the G1 Visa Application Process. But one thing that I have to do, I have to report at least ones in every 3 or 4 months and re-stamp my document.

Question: Weren’t you afraid that you did it by your own? What if the immigration will catch you in the process?

Kevs: I was afraid as well as hesitant. But I have to do it. I got courage from God and the people close to my heart. I read plenty of articles and news regarding refugee application. And there was no instance that a refugee applicant was caught and deported.

Question: Which immigration office did you apply?

Kevs: I can’t disclose. One should apply near his area, if not he has to get a room contract near  where the immigration office he applied for  is located. I think it doesn’t matter which immigration office you apply. What matters is what you put in the application form, specially the reason why you applied as a refugee and you have to tell your story – real story.

Well, that is what we had from Kevs!




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